The system is designed to provide support to the user in such a way as to eliminate much of the traditional strains most computer users experience. Most versions of the system provide at a minimum the floating seat, and lumbar support. The design also aims to create a user centric audio experience as close to immersion as possible, without isolating the user.

All of the acoustic elements are focused in an inward orientation, aimed at the user. The head is positioned to keep users of varying sizes in the audio sweet-spot for highest fidelity and effect, while minimizing outward projection of audio into surrounding areas. This helps improve the overall environment when multiple users are present in the same space.

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Whether you want to create a unique office space with comfort, abandon the desk, save your neck & back, fit into a dorm room, or create your own exciting home theater or gaming experience, we have the options!


Going to work every day has more than enough challenges for you to face, but you’ll never have to deal with physical pain when a SPARTAN’s got your back!

Learning & Fun

Looking for a modest footprint and an immersive multimedia experience that won’t leave your spine or your wallet feeling a bit more than cramped?

Space Planning

Have one of our engineers help plan out your customized space with a wide selection of coverings, Bluetooth Enabled, Wireless, Sizes for all Users, Integrated Computers, Ergonomic Features, Integrated Audio, and a variety of components and modules that satisfy the most demanding feature requirements.  …and there’s a cup holder!


noun 1. (functioning as in) the study of the relationship between workers and their environment, esp the equipment used. Also called biotechnology.