How it works:

  • We get a floor plan and seat count as you specify.
  • We can come to your facility, and either capture full panoramic 3D imagery of your facility or generate 3D models from your floor plan.
  • We work with your interior designers and architects to develop the look and feel of your environment. We can customize the materials so that you achieve a cohesive design language for your space.
  • We create a model with fully rendered chairs, desks, and other components as you specify, typically we offer an initial proposal based on your needs, and work with you to refine it until it’s exactly what you need.
  • We provide quotes for components, and can give you estimates of infrastructure work to be done by either our licensed local contractors, or work with your existing facilities team.
  • Once the design is set we, schedule contractors, and get to work on creating your new space to your full satisfaction.


How much does it cost?

This is largely dependent on your needs, size of floor space, number of units, etc… Naturally we will give discounts to larger customers, and potentially waive design fees where possible. Call us and we can begin creating your solution.